Please click to download a printable file of our Terms And Conditions, and Pet Policy.

Making a Booking
Reservations are essential for peak periods. Your reservation can be made by calling 02 6655 4755.

A tentative reservation will be held and a written confirmation and quote will be sent. On receipt of the written confirmation you will be given 7 days to pay the required deposit.

Should the deposit not be received during the stipulated time frame your tentative reservation will lapse and the booking will be released from our system.

24 Hour Cooling Off Period
In the event you are dissatisfied with these booking Terms and Conditions you have a 24 hour ‘cooling off period’ from the original date you made this reservation to request a full refund. After this time you will be agreeing to & be bound by these Terms and Conditions of this document and the Park Rules that are on our website: www.bellingerriver.com.au

Amendments Policy
Should you need to change your dates we will do all possible to accommodate your new dates but this is subject to availability. For changes to dates within 15 days of due arrival date a $35 Administration Fee will be charged. Changes of date are not permitted within 7 days of due arrival date.

Cancellation Policy


Should you need to cancel your reservation you should notify us as soon as possible, preferably in writing. The refund given depends on the amount of notice you give us of your cancellation. Payment of a deposit and/or completion of a booking form signals acceptance of our cancellation policy.

Check-In & Check-Out Time
Check In is from 11am – 7pm. No check-ins after 7pm out of courtesy to other guests who are already settled in for the night.
Check out time is 10am.
Reception closes at 6pm.

Late Check-Out
We regret that it is not normally possible to accommodate late check outs during our peak season. Should you wish to request a late checkout you must contact reception approximately 24 hours prior to our check out date. Should we be able to accommodate your request we do charge a late checkout fee of $5 per person. This entitles you to stay on the park until 3pm on the day or departure.

Boom Gates
You will require an access key for the boom gates on the park. A key deposit of $10 cash is payable on check in. The deposit will be returned to you when you return the keys at the end of your stay. The boom gate cards only work for one vehicle and cannot be used to give guests access to the park. Additional cards are available from reception if required.

Sites are large enough for one tent, caravan, motor home or camper trailer plus one car and one boat trailer. A maximum of six guests are permitted per site. When setting up your camp you must comply with the following;

•  You must stay within your site boundary
•  You must leave at least one meter between your tent/caravan and the road
•  On waterfront sites you must leave a clear walkway of at least one meter for emergency access between your tent/caravan and the riverbank
•  Cars are to be parked within your own site boundaries and must be parked between the roadway and the line of the front edge of the concrete slabs
•  Under no circumstance are vehicles or caravans to be washed on sites, please see office if you are wishing to do so

Allocated Site Numbers
Whilst we make every effort to allocate you the site number shown on your tentative confirmation we do reserve the right to change your site. If you are staying with another party please be sure to advise us so that we can keep you together. We do not give prior notification of site number changes.

You are not permitted to place a tarpaulin directly on to the grass as this kills the grass and ruins the sites for the next guests. If you need to put something under your tent we suggest annex matting or shade cloth.

Some sites are allocated with space for one car and our larger waterfront sites have space for two cars. Your confirmation will clearly identify how many cars you will be permitted to have on the park. As we are a small park at busy times we experience problems with excessive vehicles on the park and these limits have been imposed for safety reasons. We regret that additional vehicles will only be permitted on the park if the allocated visitor parking areas are available. Please advise on booking form how many vehicles you intend on having at the park.

We have introduced a one way system on the park to improve safety – the system is clearly marked. Vehicles must only be driven on the roads and can never be driven between sites. There is a speed limit on the park of 5km per hour (walking pace). Families with young children use the park and speeding will not be tolerated. Guests who disregard the speed limit will not be permitted to have their vehicles on the park.

Extra cars must park in allocated areas behind clothes line or down along “Manarm Creek”.

Car Parking/Boat Trailers
There is parking for up to two cars or one car and one boat trailer for each site. Please advise prior to arrival if you intend on bringing more than two vehicles. Once you have launched your boat, please return your car and trailer back to your site.

Quiet Time
We have a reputation for being a small, quiet and friendly park. For the quiet enjoyment of all park guests we ask that you are respectful of your neighbours and cease all noise at the park by 10pm. The only exception to this rule is on New Year’s Eve when all noise is to cease by 1am. Please note due to the highly inflammable nature of tents and caravans we do not permit firecrackers on the park.

Should you have friends or family visiting you for the day please advise reception so that we can arrange access. Add day visitors must sign a visitors log and if staying for more than two hours pay a small day visitor fee to cover the use of the facilities. Please ensure you advise your guests that they are not permitted to bring pets onto the park nor are they permitted to launch boats or jet skis during peak periods due to the high number of boat trailers we already have on the park.

All guests staying overnight must be paid for at the applicable rate and prior notification must be given to the managers. Park guests are responsible for their guest’s behaviour.

Offensive language or behaviour will not be tolerated.

Children Safety
Please ensure all children are supervised when playing near the river. Bike helmets must be worn at all times at any age. We have a lot of 4WD vehicles and trailers driving around the park. Please ensure all children practice road safety and are supervised around vehicles.
Skateboards, scooters, bikes etc. are not to be ridden on or near the Amenities, Camp Kitchen or Swimming Pool and must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

Water Skiers
As this is a quiet and peaceful park and noise levels are to be kept to a minimum. You are therefore requested to refrain from skiing before 7:30am.

Pool Hours
The pool is open between 8am and dark. Children must be supervised at all times and pool rules as displayed on the sign must be observed. Please do not take glass into the pool area. No smoking in the pool area.

We do not accept pets in the park between 26th December – 7th January under any circumstances. Outside of this period we are happy to accept pets providing our Pet Policy is adhered to.

As a small park, we have a limit of 2 dogs per site, no exceptions. All pets must be kept on a lead when walked around the park and fully controlled by an adult at all times.

Pets are never permitted in our accommodation, bathrooms, camp kitchen or laundry areas. They must be quiet and cleaned up after immediately. Please do not leave your pet unattended – your dog is your responsibility and must go with you when you go out.

We have a zero tolerance policy on our pet policy and failure by pet owners to observe these simple rules will result in eviction from the park.

Risk Warning
The management wishes to warn occupants, guests and other person who engage in any recreational activity within the meaning of the Civil Liability Act 2002. in, on or near the park, that the pursuit of such activities may result in harm or personal injury. All persons who engage in a recreational activity do so at their own risk.

Steps to River
Please note that the bottom steps down to the river are frequently covered with water. These steps can become very slippery when exposed at low tide. Please exercise caution and supervise children on these steps.

Drones are not to be flown in or around the premises. This is under privacy of minors and other guests in the park grounds. If you are caught doing so you will be asked to leave the premises.


To ensure harmony and consideration of all guests, we ask that our Bellinger River Tourist Park Pet Policy is respected at all times.

Pets are not permitted on the park grounds under any circumstances from 26 December to 7 January

 As a small park, we have a limit of 2 dogs per site, no exceptions. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and either retained by hand or tied up in your camp site

 Pets must not be allowed to bark or indulge in antisocial or destructive behaviour. As the pet owner you accept full responsibility for any personal injury or damage caused by your pet whilst in our park.

 Dogs must be under control by an Adult when they are walked around the park

 Please do not leave your dog tied up – your dog must go with you when you go out – remember, your dog, your responsibility

 The owner must clean up all dog droppings immediately and droppings must be disposed off appropriately

 Do not allow your dog to urinate etc. on any other guests site or property

 The park laundry, amenities block, laundry, camp kitchen, pool and BBQ areas are out of bounds for all pets at all times

 Under no circumstances are the washing machines/dryers/laundry troughs to be used for pets bedding

 Pets are not to be washed in the laundry troughs

 Under no circumstances are pets allowed in the Villa accommodations

If guests are found to be not following any/all of these rules you may be asked to leave the park immediately without any refunds to site fees.

We hope that you and your pet have an enjoyable stay at the Bellinger River Tourist Park and help us keep this a pet friendly park for future guests